About: Eric David Smith

Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

GitHub Activity @erictherobot

The practice of writing code every day has helped me become a better developer and I'm proud of my GitHub activity.

We Built This City On Stable Code

I've been fortunate enough to work on some incredible projects with some amazing people. Here are some stats from my career so far.

LOC Contributed
500,000+ Lines
As a Software Engineer
20+ Years
Early Stage Startups and Clients Satisfied

How I Split My Time

Hands On, Hands Off, and Hands Up.
I'm a firm believer in a balanced approach to leadership.

Writing & Maintaining Code
Research & Analysis
Gathering Requirements
Helping / Mentoring


Eric David Smith is an indie multi-instrumentalist, producer, recording artist, and songwriter known for his passionate and raw music. With over 2000 original songs to his name, Eric’s music is a unique blend of heartfelt emotion, cinematic soundscapes, and catchy melodies.


Eric David Smith is a pioneering software engineer with 20+ years of experience building products and software development teams. He is a passionate full-stack developer with a continuous craving for building and scaling products and teams.


Here are some important highlights about me that I'd like to share with you.

Technical Skills
I've been fortunate enough to obtain a comprehensive set of technical skills across multiple programming languages and technologies. I'm always learning new things, and I'm not afraid to dive into the deep end of the pool.
Problem-Solving Ability
Proven ability to solve complex problems with innovative and efficient solutions. I'm a creative thinker and I'm not afraid to try new things. I'm a self-starter and I'm not afraid to ask for help when I need it.
Two decades of experience in the software industry, contribution, founding, leading and managing agile product and software development teams. I've made significant impacts to the growth of multiple companies.
Teamwork and Leadership
I'm most effective working with smaller teams, often from the foundation or as as the first software engineer. I'm also a team player and foster a collaborative environment where everyone can contribute and grow.
Continuous Learning
As a self taught software engineer, I am always learning and growing. With so much knowledge on all topics, I have strong craving to learn from others in as many areas as possible.
Cultural Fit
I'm a positive person. I like to make others smile. I'm respectful of people and welcome our differences and diversity. I believe I am a strong cultural fit for organizations that value diversity, dedication and authenticity.

Work History


  • Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies

    NYU Tandon School of Engineering

    Brooklyn, NYJanuary 2019 - August 2019

  • Recording Engineering / Music Production

    McNally Smith College of Music

    Minneapolis, MNJanuary 2000 - January 2002

  • Wakatime Stats

    The Wakatime charts below show my coding activity over the last 7 days. Time is only calculated when I'm actively coding inside my IDE. Which means this does not include research time, deployments, or meetings. You could also look at the Wakatime Leaderboard which I am often in the top 100 for the week in the world.

    Languages Used

    Activity (Hours per day)

    Skills & Experience

    Here are some of the skills I've picked up over the years

    Web Development

    • HTML & HTML510+ years
    • CSS10+ years
    • JavaScript10+ years
    • Node.js10+ years
    • Python6-7 years
    • TypeScript6-7 years
    • Ruby4-5 years
    • C#4-5 years
    • Deno4-5 years
    • Java4-5 years
    • PHP4-5 years
    • Rust4-5 years
    • Scala2-3 years

    Mobile Development

    • React Native6-7 years
    • Objective-C4-5 years
    • Expo4-5 years
    • xCode4-5 years
    • Swift4-5 years
    • Flutter0-1 years

    Cloud Computing

    • AWS6-7 years
    • Heroku6-7 years
    • Google Cloud4-5 years


    • Firebase6-7 years
    • FireStore6-7 years
    • MySql6-7 years
    • PostgreSQL4-5 years
    • MongoDB4-5 years
    • Redis4-5 years
    • Supabase2-3 years
    • Pinecone0-1 years
    • Weaviate0-1 years


    • Prisma4-5 years
    • TypeORM2-3 years
    • Drizzle0-1 years


    • tRPC2-3 years

    Game Development

    • Unity4-5 years
    • Virtual Reality4-5 years
    • Augmented Reality4-5 years
    • Lua2-3 years


    • SCSS/SASS10+ years
    • LESS10+ years
    • Babel4-5 years
    • Webpack4-5 years
    • Markdown4-5 years
    • Redux4-5 years

    Source Control

    • Git10+ years


    • Express JS10+ years
    • GraphQL2-3 years
    • Go2-3 years


    • React6-7 years
    • Svelte4-5 years
    • Vue.js4-5 years


    • Docker4-5 years
    • Kubernetes2-3 years

    Machine Learning / AI

    • Langchain4-5 years
    • AI4-5 years
    • NLP4-5 years
    • Machine Learning4-5 years


    • Three.js4-5 years
    • P5.js4-5 years
    • D3.js4-5 years
    • Processing.org4-5 years
    • Pixi.js2-3 years

    Unix Shells

    • Bash4-5 years
    • ZSH4-5 years


    • Agile Development4-5 years
    • Project Management4-5 years
    • People Management4-5 years
    • Technology Forecasting4-5 years
    • Product Management4-5 years
    • MS Word4-5 years
    • MS Excel4-5 years

    Product Development

    • UI/UX Design4-5 years
    • Graphic Design4-5 years
    • Figma4-5 years
    • Photoshop4-5 years
    • Illustrator4-5 years
    • Adobe4-5 years


    • Cryptocurrency4-5 years
    • Smart Contracts4-5 years
    • Ethereum4-5 years
    • Solidity4-5 years
    • Web3.js4-5 years
    • Truffle4-5 years


    • Songwriting10+ years
    • Recording Engineering10+ years
    • Playing Guitar10+ years
    • Video Editing6-7 years

    My Manifesto

    These are the beliefs that I hold dear.

    I'm always open to discuss new mindset tricks and techniques

    Shaping the World

    As human beings, it is our right and perhaps our moral duty to reshape the universe to our preferences.

    Power of Technology

    Technology, which is essentially knowledge, enables us to shape the world according to our desires. It is the most powerful tool we have.


    Sound Like A Good Fit?

    I'm always open to meet new people, discuss new opportunities and projects. If you think I'd be a good fit for your software or technical team, please consider reaching out to me directly.