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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur
Deno Fresh Job Board by Eric David Smith

Hey wonderful people, I hope you're having a great day!! 🦕 🦖

Can You Believe I Built A JOB BOARD with DENO FRESH 🦕 🦖?

In today's video, I will show you how I created a very simple remote job board for technical candidates in under an hour. I hope this inspires you to build something awesome too!

Deno Fresh Job Board - By Eric David Smith

Tech Stack

The tech stack we will be using here is:


The site is incredibly simple, consisting of many components but ultimately one single page.

Sit back and let me show you how I build things. We won't be building from scratch since the site is already built, but I will refactor some code along the way and describe why I as a software engineer do things a certain way.

Please leave your feedback - I love your feedback, both good and bad. Be sure to watch until the end!


Checkout the final project:

Try running a Lighthouse test on it to test the performance.

Looking for a new tech job?

Checkout Deno Deploy:

Checkout Deno:

Checkout Deno Fresh:

If you subscribe, share, like, comment and possibly clean my apartment, I will share the code with you on Github:

YouTube Chapters:

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

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