Aquatic Respirations Music Video

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

Aquatic Respirations (Music Video)

Aquatic Respirations (Music Video) - By Eric David Smith


Let's head out west
Where the waters breathe
Coral reef and the tall palm trees

So long, New York
I'll see you in a couple of weeks
You've been so good but it's time to get out

My mind is racing rats
And all the people in the city
They just can't relax

No wonder why I fit right in intellectuals and the Wall Street men
Dirty subway cars they raised the rents again
I need some space can't wait to breathe it in

Oh sing me a summer song
A summer song
Oh sing me a summer song

Take me away to where that water breathes
I can't breathe
I will breathe with the water

The water breathes
The water breathes for me

Written, recorded, produced, and performed by Eric David Smith

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

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