Checkit Chrome Extension

By Eric David Smith on April, 23 2020 6:34 AM ~ 1 min read

Problem Statement

In my own personal problem statement, I needed a tool that could turn any list into a checkbox so that I could complete items on said list effortlessly.


Make a Google Chrome Extension to turn any list into a checklist.


  • MVP
  • Single Function
  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Adds value
  • Increases productivity & organization


Turn any list into a checklist

Great for recipes, how-to's, listicles, homework, and productivity!


  • Browse to your favorite website
  • Click the "Check it!" button below
  • Stay organized and get things done!


Because it didn't exist and I needed a tool.


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Installation & Support

Thanks for reading. Happy coding!

Eric David Smith

Father / Entrepreneur / Student / Teacher / Software Engineer / Recording Artist / Navy Veteran / Runner / Ambivert