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Tags: LLMWorkflowsResearchJSON


Agentflow is designed to be a powerful yet user-friendly tool for creating and executing workflows powered by large language models (LLMs). With Agentflow, you can: Craft workflows in plain English: Workflows are written in human-readable JSON files. Develop custom functions: Extend Agentflow's capabilities as per your needs. Generate autonomous outputs: Maintain control while allowing the system to work independently. Why Agentflow? While LLM interfaces like ChatGPT and Bard facilitate turn-by-turn conversations, they limit automation possibilities. Tools like AutoGPT and BabyAGI aim to address this by empowering LLMs to autonomously create and execute to-do lists. However, these tools can't always guarantee the desired outcomes. Agentflow offers a balanced solution. It allows you to define workflows in an easy-to-understand JSON format, which LLMs then execute step-by-step. You can include functions in your workflows to enhance the LLMs' capabilities, enabling the execution of complex multi-step processes.


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