Svelteit UX/UI Library

By Eric David Smith on April, 23 2020 5:34 AM ~ 2 min read

Svelteit is a minimalistic UI/UX component library for Svelte and Sapper projects

Svelteit v1.0.0-alpha.6

Out of the box, we're launching with ~30 Svelteit components and plan to add more throughout our journey. Admittedly so, this is our first take on writing UI components for the open source community. We imagine this journey will be exciting at times and painful at others. For now, we're having fun!


Yes, there are many component libraries out there today, but we wanted our own. If you like our components, use it. If you see a problem, make a pull request or fork your own and roll with it.


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Svelteit Featured on Made With Svelte


In this example, you can add a Card component in a couple of ways.

  import { Card, Button } from '@colorfuldots/svelteit'

  <h3>I have a title</h3>
  <p>I have a description</p>
  <Button success rounded medium outlined>I have a button, Baby!</Button>

<!-- OR you could do it like this -->

  title="I have a title"
  description="I have a description"
  buttonComponent={<Button success rounded medium outlined>I have a button, Baby!</Button>}


Thanks for reading. Happy coding!

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