Puffy The Pufferfish

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Eric David Smith
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Puffy The Pufferfish Book

About Puffy The Pufferfish

Puffy the Puffer fish is a bedtime story plus a coloring book. Designed for ages 1-8, this book encourages young children to color and create a story that makes sense to them. After the coloring is completed, children and parents can use this book as a familiar bedtime story.

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If you're looking for a great book for your friends, your family, or yourself, please checkout this book on Amazon. By purchasing this book, you're supporting a young author and his family. Calder is an avid reader and is in the top of his class for reading. Writing this book was a great experience for him and he's excited to share it with the world.

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

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