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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur
Math March - Pre-k to 12th grade math games | Product Hunt
Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith
Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith

Math March: Your Go-To App for Learning Math on the Move!

The world of educational apps has seen a new entrant that's set to revolutionize how we practice math. Say hello to Math March, a delightful iOS game crafted with love and precision to help you polish your math skills, no matter your grade or age. Here's a deep dive into everything Math March has to offer:

Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Math March for iOS
Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Math March for iOS
Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Math March for iOS
Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Math March for iOS
Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Math March for iOS
Math March for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Math March for iOS

What is Math March?

Math March is not just another educational game; it's a tool, a companion, and a fun way to enhance your math prowess. Created for students spanning from Pre-K all the way to Grade 12, it's also a great resource for adults seeking to brush up on their math skills. With Math March, every moment can be a math moment!

Why Math March?

In a world filled with distractions, it's essential to have an app that's both engaging and educational. Math March makes learning math operations, like Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction, an enjoyable journey. And for those who love variety, there's an 'All Math Types' mode, ready to serve up a mixed math challenge!

Tailored to Your Needs

With Math March, you are in control. Depending on your comfort level or the challenges you're seeking, you can easily adjust the game's difficulty. Simply select a grade, from 'Pre-K' to 'Grade 12', and let the game curate questions best suited for you. As you climb the grades, expect the questions to tackle larger numbers and more complex operations.

Interactive Gaming Experience

Math March boasts of a multiple-choice system where each question is paired with four potential answers. But don't be fooled; the distractors are carefully chosen to make you ponder over each choice. As you play, the game is right there with you, cheering you on with instant feedback. If you're right, a pleasant chime celebrates your achievement. Get one wrong, and a distinct sound cues you in. If you're one for tactile experiences, the haptic feedback feature ensures an interactive feel throughout the gameplay.

More Than Just Math

Apart from its core math offerings, the game showers you with features to enhance the experience. The 'Lifetime Stats' give a snapshot of your game journey – your correct answers, speed, accuracy, and more. Feeling competitive? The 'Current Streak' feature records your consecutive correct answers, pushing you to always aim higher. Badges? Math March has those too! Play, achieve milestones, and collect badges that celebrate every victory, big or small.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Whether you wish to check how much time you're spending on each question, skip a tough one, or even start over, Math March is designed for ease. You're allowed up to five skips, and you can always monitor your solving speed for each problem.

Continuous Improvement

Developed by the talented team at Colorful Dots, LLC (yours truly), Math March is always evolving. Regular updates ensure the game stays fresh, exciting, and aligned with educational standards.

Math March FAQs

1. What is Math March?
Math March is an educational iOS game designed to help users practice and enhance their math skills in a fun and engaging manner.

2. Who is the target audience for Math March?
The game is suitable for students from Pre-K to Grade 12, as well as any adults looking to refresh their math knowledge.

3. What math operations does Math March cover?
Math March offers practice in various operations such as Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. You can also opt for 'All Math Types' for a mixed challenge.

4. How can I adjust the difficulty level?
You can select the grade level ranging from 'Pre-K' to 'Grade 12' from the settings to adjust the difficulty according to your preference.

5. What are 'Lifetime Stats'?
'Lifetime Stats' provide an overview of your overall performance in the game, including correct and incorrect answers, average time per question, accuracy, and more.

6. How can I reset my game statistics?
Go to the 'Settings' section and under the 'Reset Stats' header, you can reset all your game statistics. Please be cautious as this action is irreversible.

7. Why should I enable sound and haptic feedback?
Enabling sound provides auditory cues during gameplay, and haptic feedback gives a tactile experience enhancing the interactive feel of the game.

8. What is the 'current streak' in stats?
'Current streak' refers to the number of consecutive correct answers you've given in the game. It's a great way to challenge yourself and keep improving!

9. How often is Math March updated?
We continually work on improving Math March to provide the best experience. You can always check the 'App Version' under the 'Settings' section to see the current version you're on.

10. Who developed Math March?
Math March was developed by Colorful Dots, LLC. You can learn more about our other apps and developments by visiting the provided links in the 'More' section of the settings.

11. What types of math questions does the game generate?
Math March generates questions based on the grade level you've selected. It can create problems for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

12. How does the game adjust difficulty?
Math March adjusts the difficulty of the questions based on the selected grade level.

13. How does the multiple choice system work?
For each math question, you're presented with a set of four options, one of which is the correct answer.

14. How does the game provide feedback?
The game immediately informs you if you were correct or not after each answer. Sound and haptic feedback options are also available.

15. Are there any limits to how many questions I can skip?
Yes, you're allowed to skip a total of five questions during a game.

16. How can I earn badges?
As you play and achieve certain milestones, you can earn badges.

17. How long does each game last?
The game continues until you've answered 10 questions.

18. Can I keep track of how much time I spend on each question?
Yes, the game keeps track of the time taken for each question.

19. Is there a way to start over?
Absolutely! If you want to start afresh, you can restart the game anytime from the options.

Wrapping Up

Math March is perfect for students and adults alike, this game ensures that learning math is never a chore but always a joyous march forward!

March your way over to the Apple App Store and download Math March today 🚀 Apple App Store:

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur
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