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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith

Metal Magnet - Metal Detector and Stud Finder app for iOS and iPad

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my latest groundbreaking app, Metal Magnet. Available exclusively for iOS and iPad devices, Metal Magnet is an intuitive, feature-rich, and highly accurate metal detector and stud finder. Priced at just $0.99.

Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS
Metal Magnet for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Metal Magnet for iOS

Metal Magnet iOS Features

1. User-Friendly Interface

Metal Magnet boasts a clean and straightforward interface that allows users to get up and running in no time.

2. High Sensitivity & Calibration

With its fine-tuned sensitivity options and easy-to-follow calibration process, Metal Magnet offers unparalleled accuracy in metal detection.

3. Sound and Visual Alerts

For a more interactive experience, the app offers optional sound alerts and a color-coded system to indicate the presence of metals.

4. Comprehensive Help Section

If you're stuck or need more information, the built-in Help & FAQs section provides valuable insights into how the app works.

5. Personalization

Users can customize the app's functionality according to their specific needs, including toggling the sound and adjusting sensitivity.

6. Works Offline

You don't need an internet connection to use Metal Magnet. The app works offline, so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

7. Privacy-Focused

No data is collected or stored by the app. Your privacy is our top priority.

How It Works

Utilizing Apple's Sensors

Metal Magnet uses the magnetometer sensor in your iOS device to detect magnetic field variations. These variations can indicate the presence of metallic objects or studs in the walls. The app captures data along three axes (X, Y, Z) and calculates the magnetism magnitude to deliver an accurate reading.

Real-Time Updates

Thanks to SwiftUI and CoreLocation, Metal Magnet provides real-time updates on the magnetic field. Coupled with the AVFoundation framework for sound alerts, the app offers an interactive and enriching user experience.

Sensitivity Adjustments

The app allows for sensitivity customization, which means you can adjust how easily it reacts to metal detections. A higher sensitivity will enable the app to respond to weaker magnetic fields, providing a comprehensive detection range.


The Metal Magnet app is priced at a modest $0.99, making it an affordable solution for your metal detection needs.


How do I calibrate the app?

Calibration is usually automatic. However, you can manually calibrate the app by moving your device in a figure-eight pattern. This helps ensure accurate readings.

What filters does Metal Magnet use?

Metal Magnet employs a variety of filters, including Median, Low-Pass, Kalman, Complementary, and Thresholding filters. These filters work together to improve the accuracy of metal detection by reducing noise in the readings.

What is a Median Filter?

A Median Filter is a type of filter that sorts the data and takes the middle value. It's used in Metal Magnet to remove noise from the magnetic readings, making the results more reliable.

What is a Low-Pass Filter?

A Low-Pass Filter is used in Metal Magnet to allow for gradual changes in intensity while eliminating sudden spikes or drops in the magnetic field readings.

What is a Kalman Filter?

A Kalman Filter is a mathematical algorithm used in Metal Magnet to estimate the state of the system from noisy observations. It helps provide accurate real-time detection of metal objects.

Can I choose not to use a filter?

Yes, you have the option to select 'No Filter Applied' within the app settings. This allows you to use raw magnetic data without any filtering.

Where is the magnetometer sensor located?

The location of the magnetometer sensor varies by device model. You can find this information in the app by going to 'About' > 'Magnetometer Position.'

What version am I using?

To find your current app version, go to 'About' > 'App Version' within the Metal Magnet app.

How do I discover more apps?

To discover more apps by Colorful Dots, LLC, go to 'About' > 'Discover More Apps' within the Metal Magnet app.

How do I contact you?

You can reach us via email by clicking on 'Contact' in the 'About' section of the Metal Magnet app.

How does the LineGraph work?

The LineGraph in Metal Magnet displays the last 100 sensor readings. It updates in real-time, showing changes in magnetic field intensity over time. This graph helps you visualize variations in metal detection.

What do the axes on the LineGraph represent?

The x-axis on the LineGraph represents time, with the most recent readings on the right. The y-axis represents the magnetic field intensity. This allows you to see how the magnetic field changes over time.

What is the 'sensor limit' in LineGraph?

The sensor limit in the LineGraph sets the maximum magnetic field strength that can be displayed on the graph. It helps you focus on specific intensity ranges.

What are the 'lower' and 'upper intensity thresholds'?

The 'lower' and 'upper intensity thresholds' are user-defined limits that mark specific ranges on the LineGraph. They help you identify when the magnetic field intensity is within, below, or above these thresholds.

Is Metal Magnet available for Android?

No, Metal Magnet is exclusively available for iOS devices. It is not available for Android.

What types of environments affect Metal Magnet's performance?

Metal Magnet's performance can be affected by magnetic interference from electrical wiring, appliances, and other magnetic fields. Using it in areas with minimal interference is recommended for accurate results.

Is Metal Magnet effective through walls?

Metal Magnet is most effective when used near the metal object. Its efficacy decreases with distance and obstacles like walls.

The app is showing red and a high number, why?

There are many factors that could cause this issue. First, move your device to a new location. Next try adjusting your settings > sensitivity settings to a lower value. If you're still experiencing this issue, visit settings > calibration and try to re-calibrate by pressing the calibration button.

Why is the LineGraph not updating?

If the LineGraph is not updating, please check if Metal Magnet has the necessary permissions to access the device's magnetometer. Additionally, ensure that your device's magnetometer is functioning correctly.

Can I zoom or pan the LineGraph?

The LineGraph in Metal Magnet is fixed but can be scrolled horizontally to view past data points. It does not support zooming or panning.

What types of metals can Metal Magnet detect?

Metal Magnet is designed to detect ferrous metals, which are metals that contain iron. It may not be effective for non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, and gold.

Can Metal Magnet detect wooden studs?

No, Metal Magnet is geared towards detecting metals and will not be effective in detecting wooden studs.

Are there metals that Metal Magnet cannot detect?

Non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and gold are generally not detectable by Metal Magnet. The app is also less effective for metals with low magnetic permeability.

How does the app handle magnetic noise?

Metal Magnet employs various filters like Median, Low-Pass, and

Kalman filters to reduce magnetic noise and improve detection accuracy.

Give It a Try

In a market filled with generic tools, Metal Magnet stands out as a specialized, efficient, and user-friendly app. Its robust feature set and exceptional ease of use make it a must-have for anyone in need of reliable metal detection capabilities.

Download Metal Magnet today and explore the world of possibilities it opens up!

Note: The accuracy of Metal Magnet may vary based on device calibration and environmental conditions.

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur
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