iOS App Store Screenshot Icon Generator in Python

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur
iOS App Store Screenshot Icon Generator in Python by Eric David Smith
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If you build native iOS, iPad mobile or desktop applications you know that you need to create screenshots for the App Store. This can be a tedious process, especially if you have a lot of screenshots to create. In this tutorial, we are going to build a Python script that will generate screenshots for the App Store.

Let's dive into how we can build this script.

Prerequisites and Dependencies

To run this Python script, you need:

  1. Python 3.x installed
  2. PIL (Pillow) for image manipulation
  3. A TrueType font (in this example, Baloo-Regular.ttf)

Install Pillow with pip:

pip install pillow

The Python Script to Generate App Store Screenshots

import sys
from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
from datetime import datetime

def round_corners(image, radius):
    mask ="L", image.size, 0)
    draw = ImageDraw.Draw(mask)

    draw.rectangle([(0, 0), (image.width, image.height)], fill=0)
    draw.ellipse([0, 0, radius * 2, radius * 2], fill=255)
    draw.ellipse([image.width - radius * 2, 0, image.width, radius * 2], fill=255)
    draw.ellipse([0, image.height - radius * 2, radius * 2, image.height], fill=255)
            image.width - radius * 2,
            image.height - radius * 2,
    draw.rectangle([0, radius, image.width, image.height - radius], fill=255)
    draw.rectangle([radius, 0, image.width - radius, image.height], fill=255)

    return image

def add_to_canvas(canvas, image, x_offset, y_offset):
    canvas.paste(image, (x_offset, y_offset), image)

def resize_and_maintain_aspect(image, max_width, max_height):
    aspect_ratio = image.width / image.height
    new_width = min(max_width, int(max_height * aspect_ratio))
    new_height = min(max_height, int(max_width / aspect_ratio))
    return image.resize((new_width, new_height), Image.LANCZOS)

if len(sys.argv) < 4:
        "Usage: python <path_to_original_image> <marketing_title> <marketing_tagline1> <marketing_tagline2>"

original_file, marketing_title, marketing_tagline1, marketing_tagline2 = (

# Define the dimensions for each device
device_dimensions = {
    "iPhone_6_7": (1290, 2796),
    "iPhone_6_5": (1242, 2688),
    "iPhone_5_5": (1242, 2208),
    "iPad_Pro_6th_Gen": (2048, 2732),
    "iPad_Pro_2nd_Gen": (2048, 2732),
    ## Add more devices here

# Current time in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
timestamp ="%Y%m%d%H%M%S")

# Loop through each device and generate the marketing image
for device, dimensions in device_dimensions.items():
    width, height = dimensions

    # Create a new canvas with the background color
    canvas ="RGBA", (width, height), "#1f1f1f")
    canvas = round_corners(canvas.convert("RGBA"), 100)
    draw = ImageDraw.Draw(canvas)

    # Load the Baloo font
    title_font = ImageFont.truetype("Baloo-Regular.ttf", 100)
    subtitle_font = ImageFont.truetype("Baloo-Regular.ttf", 60)

    # Center the marketing text
    title_w, title_h = draw.textsize(marketing_title, font=title_font)
    title_x = (width - title_w) // 2
    title_y = (200 - title_h) // 2  # Assuming the header area is 200px high

    subtitle1_w, subtitle1_h = draw.textsize(marketing_tagline1, font=subtitle_font)
    subtitle1_x = (width - subtitle1_w) // 2
    subtitle1_y = title_y + title_h + 15  # 15px below the title

    subtitle2_w, subtitle2_h = draw.textsize(marketing_tagline2, font=subtitle_font)
    subtitle2_x = (width - subtitle2_w) // 2
    subtitle2_y = subtitle1_y + subtitle1_h + 10  # 10px below the first tagline

        (title_x, title_y), marketing_title, font=title_font, fill=(255, 255, 255)
        (subtitle1_x, subtitle1_y),
        fill=(255, 255, 255),
        (subtitle2_x, subtitle2_y),
        fill=(255, 255, 255),

    # Open the original image and resize it while maintaining aspect ratio
    with as img:
        max_height = height - 400
        img_resized = resize_and_maintain_aspect(img, width - 40, max_height - 40)

        # Round corners of the screenshot
        img_resized = round_corners(img_resized.convert("RGBA"), 100)

        x_offset = (width - img_resized.width) // 2
        y_offset = ((max_height - img_resized.height) // 2) + 400

        add_to_canvas(canvas, img_resized, x_offset, y_offset)

    # Remove alpha channel before saving
    canvas = canvas.convert("RGB")

    output_file = f"marketing_{device}_{timestamp}.png"

print("Images generated with marketing headers and saved.")

How It Works

The script takes an original image and layers it with marketing text to create device-specific screenshots. It performs several operations:

  1. Rounding Corners: round_corners() function rounds the corners of an image.
  2. Text Addition: Marketing titles and taglines are added to the canvas.
  3. Image Placement: The original image is resized and placed on the canvas.
  4. Saving: The final canvas is saved as a PNG file.


  1. Canvas Color: Change the "#1f1f1f" in to your desired background color.
  2. Font: Replace "Baloo-Regular.ttf" with another TrueType font.
  3. Device Dimensions: Edit device_dimensions dictionary to add/remove devices.
  4. Text Position: Modify title_y, subtitle1_y, and subtitle2_y to adjust text positioning.

How to Use

  1. Save the script as
  2. Download or create a .ttf font file and place it in the same directory as the script.
  3. Place the original image in the same directory.

Run the script:

python original.png "My App" "Best App Ever" "Download Now"


  1. Automated: Generate multiple screenshots with a single command.
  2. Consistent: Ensures uniformity across all device-specific screenshots.
  3. Efficient: Reduces manual effort and human error.


Once the script is run, it will generate PNG files in the format marketing_{device}_{timestamp}.png and they will look like this:

Confetti Clock for iOS by Eric David Smith
Click image to download Confetti Clock for iOS

I hope this post helps you speed up your iOS App Store screenshot creation process. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me!

Happy coding!

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

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