React Native with Tailwind CSS

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur
React Native with Tailwind CSS by Eric David Smith

In this video, Eric David Smith will use the React Native library for Tailwind CSS called NativeWind. In Eric's previous video, he was unable to get NativeWind to work and decided to choose the underdog library - use that if you want... but read below why you should use instead.


React Native with Tailwind CSS - By Eric David Smith

Nativewind vs React Native Wind

The core developer, Mark Lawlor left a comment on Eric's last video to update the community on the changes that have been made which resolved Eric's blockers - specifically in the docs for React Native CLI.

In this video, Eric will explain how easy it is to get up and running with React Native CLI NativeWind. We will also explore DarkMode with the project. Everything just works!!

From Mark Lawlor: "One important comparison between React-Native-Wind and NativeWind is that Read-Native-Wind is a re-implementation of Tailwind using a custom interpreter, while NativeWind uses the official Tailwind compiler. This means the setup of NativeWind is slightly more complex, but you get more features. You also get upstream maintenance & support from Tailwind Labs

As to why there are two projects, I want "proper" Tailwind for React Native which means we need to support their compiler instead of creating a new one. I think contributing to a custom interpreter further divides RN from ever joining the Tailwind Labs family.

Great work, Mark - ! Thank you so much for your awareness and quick updates to the project that removed our blockers! You have redeemed yourself... and hopefully this video will bring you more users and contributors on the exciting project. Go give Mark's repo a star and a sponsor!

Hope you found this video helpful and hope you get a chance to try our NativeWind.


Thanks for reading and watching!

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

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