Leptos Web Framework - Build fast web applications with Rust

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Eric David Smith
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Leptos Web Framework - Build fast web applications with Rust
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Leptos Web Framework - Build fast web applications with Rust

Leptos is a groundbreaking full-stack, isomorphic Rust web framework that promises to transform the way developers approach web app development. Focused on fine-grained reactivity, it paves the way for the creation of highly expressive and performant user interfaces. This blog post aims to offer a comprehensive guide to understanding and appreciating Leptos, from code examples to its unique features.

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Code Example

Consider this simple counter component developed with Leptos:

use leptos::*;

pub fn SimpleCounter(cx: Scope, initial_value: i32) -> impl IntoView {
    let (value, set_value) = create_signal(cx, initial_value);

    let clear = move |_| set_value(0);
    let decrement = move |_| set_value.update(|value| *value -= 1);
    let increment = move |_| set_value.update(|value| *value += 1);

    view! { cx,
            <button on:click=clear>"Clear"</button>
            <button on:click=decrement>"-1"</button>
            <span>"Value: " {value} "!"</span>
            <button on:click=increment>"+1"</button>

pub fn main() {
    mount_to_body(|cx| view! { cx,  <SimpleCounter initial_value=3 /> })

This code leverages Leptos' innate capabilities to construct a counter component that responds to user events with unparalleled efficiency.

What Makes Leptos Unique?


'cargo-leptos' is a tool designed to make it easy to build apps that run on both the client and server, with seamless integration. It works well with starter templates for Actix or Axum.


  1. What’s up with the name? Leptos (λεπτός) is an ancient Greek word meaning “thin, light, refined, fine-grained.”

  2. Is it production-ready? Yes, Leptos is production-ready, and the APIs are stable.

  3. Can I use this for native GUI? Yes, the reactive system can easily drive any GUI toolkit.

  4. How is this different from Yew/Dioxus/Sycamore? While these frameworks have their unique offerings, Leptos stands out due to its performance and simplicity of its mental model, among other things.

Leptos takes a bold step into the realm of full-stack, isomorphic Rust web frameworks, redefining the possibilities of Rust for web app development. As it continues to grow, its contribution to the Rust ecosystem will be undoubtedly significant.

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Eric David Smith
Software Engineer / Musician / Entrepreneur

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