Home Schooling

By Eric David Smith on March, 15 2020 7:30 PM ~ 2 min read

It's finally happened. After several days of discussion, a rather difficult decision has been made to close all NYC Schools today.

Kindergarten Schedule

NYC Lesson Plans (Kindergarten): https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/learn-at-home/kindergarten

Staying Safe, Healthy and Connected

While we work towards educating our children from home, it's important to maintain a healthy amount of exercise, hygiene, and socialization (with those who are considered safe). One way we can do this is by creating online groups and video conferencing with classmates.

Calder and I will be setting this up in the next couple of weeks and providing our links to those who are willing to communicate online.

Call me crazy, but I've been staring at a ton of data all weekend and my gut is telling me that we will not be returning to school this calendar year 2020 until this pandemic is contained. Even then, we expect things to slowly recover.

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